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Could you use more time and money in your life?

According to a recent USA Today article, a moderate cost food plan for a family is about $1000 per month! And here's the worst part of it, we throw away about two months of that food EVERY YEAR! And that doesn't even include all the time, fuel, and energy we spend going to the grocery store for multiple trips each week because we didn't pick up all the ingredients we needed.

What if you could spend more time enjoying life 
and less time wandering the grocery aisle?

With our help, you'll be able to

  • get in and out of the grocery store faster
  • save money by not running to the store five times a week
  • fewer impulse buys
  • creating less waste and fewer duplicate purchases
  • sharing more meals with friends and family in your home
  • eat out because you want to and not because there's nothing in the house
Here's what you won't have to do
  • no bulk warehouse membership
  • no coupon clipping
  • no marathon cooking days that end in forgotten freezer meals
  • deal with a box of vegetables that you've never seen before

Our system involves plans for real, fresh food that you can buy from any local grocer. 

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