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Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook, Volume 1

What a delicious cookbook! Just so you know, not every recipe includes Jack Daniel's whiskey. In fact the majority of the recipes are celebratory Southern dishes that would be seen on Sunday tables or right at home during Thanksgiving. But the recipes are not the only great thing about this cookbook, there are also numerous stories about Lynchburg and many beautiful pictures that are historic and contemporary. There are wonderful traditions that are in the making of Jack Daniel's whiskey as well as the Southern culture that are documented in the pages of the cookbook. The variety of groupings makes it a worth while cookbook to keep around. There is everything from drinks to appetizers, main dishes, desserts, pies and cakes. Do not expect to find things that any good southerner should know how to make from the time they are allowed in the kitchen, this is instead a collection of celebratory foods from South as well as the stories that are often told when people get together to