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MaDCookingShow S1E2 Snickerdoodles

Look! We made it in time for Tasty Tuesday!!! This week on our Mom and Daughter cooking show (MaDcookingshow) we made easy snickerdoodles by Vivobello on the site Tasty Kitchen . We used our trusty KitchenAid mixer to mix these up, but a handheld mixer or even a good old wooden spoon will work, it just takes a bit more elbow grease. Hope you enjoy! Next week, we'll be making shortbread cookies! And maybe some truffles for Valentine's day!!

Mom and Daughter Cooking Show Season 1 Episode 1: Vanilla Cake

My lovely daughter has decided that she wants to do a cooking show. I thought it best to share it will all of you. This week, we made Vanilla Cake. The recipe was adapted from the Easy Vanilla Cupcakes recipe from Just Easy Recipes . Mainly, the thing you need to know is that 180C is equivalent to 350F and that it fits in a nine inch round cake. Here's our video on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it!

glipit Bible NLT

The glipit Bible NLT has a funny little name, but I guess that's just a hint as to how much fun can be had decorating it. When I handed it over to my nine year old, she immediately started designing her cover. The bible itself is a compact version of the New Living Translation. Because it's small, the print is also small, which is not the easier for a beginning reader. But it's just so cute! I did notice when I stored the bible some of the glipits had a tendency to fall off, but they're pretty easy to find and you don't have to worry about stubbing your toe on them in the middle of the night. I would say that at best it's a novelty gift, not a study type bible. It reminds me of an updated version of the pink zippered bibles that were popular in the 80's. Overall, I like it. I really liked the line on the packaging (which I can't find) that said you change the outside of the bible while God's word changes your inside. Tyndale House Publishing provide