Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MaDCookingShow S1E2 Snickerdoodles

Look! We made it in time for Tasty Tuesday!!!

This week on our Mom and Daughter cooking show (MaDcookingshow) we made easy snickerdoodles by Vivobello on the site Tasty Kitchen. We used our trusty KitchenAid mixer to mix these up, but a handheld mixer or even a good old wooden spoon will work, it just takes a bit more elbow grease. Hope you enjoy!

Next week, we'll be making shortbread cookies! And maybe some truffles for Valentine's day!!


  1. What a nice thing to do together with your daughter. ( I found your blog because you liked one of my Instagram photos.)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Helen! I somehow found one of your blogs a few years ago and have been lurking around since. I really enjoy your photos!

      Hannah and I have really been enjoying our time together in the kitchen!