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Joy Week 3 of Sunday Advent Devotional

hard to believe that the third Sunday of Advent is right around the corner! Here's the devotional on Joy!

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The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker

I've been following Joshua Becker's blog for a few years and have read all the things and even put them into action. I was excited to be able to read his room-by-room guide for minimizing your home.

The Minimalist Home systematically goes through every space in your home, including the garage and yard, and talks about how to minimize them. Becker has put thought into which spaces should happen first for the biggest impact and encouragement. Because even though it's wonderful to have a minimalist garage, it may not be the best place to start and get the whole house done.

Our home has been trending towards minimalist in nature for a while now. And I'm happy to share with you that this little book helped us take a few more steps in the minimal direction. I loved all the checklists for the different areas. As well as the facts about living space and stuff consumption sprinkled throughout.  The Notes section is full of great resources for further reading as well.


Peace Week 2 of Advent Sunday Devotional

It's week 2! This week, we take a crack at peace. Let us know if you're using these and what you think!

Inspire for Girls The Bible for Coloring & Creative Journaling

The Inspire for Girls Bible is a perfect introduction for younger girls into Bible Journaling. The Bible contains devotionals for young girls as well as plenty of art to color and space to capture personal thoughts about the scripture.
The design does a good job of being feminine without going overboard with the color pink. My teenager said that it has a nice ascetic but it's a bit large. I would agree that this particular bible is not for traveling so much as finding a cozy corner where it can live with supplies and be a part of a regular quiet time.
The devotionals and notes will age well as they are based more on scripture and life application than they are on the trials and tribulations of tweens. Which is a huge bonus in my opinion, because it doesn't mean that it will necessarily be found collecting dust as they enter into the teen years but will be a companion that will find them returning to time and time again.
My personal complaint is that I love coloring with marke…

Hope Week 1 of Advent Sunday devotional

So, I had this crazy idea that I obviously needed more work to do in my life because life isn't crazy enough. And this is the result of said work so far, the beginning of a family Advent devotional. It's geared towards families with teens and it assumes that you've been celebrating Advent already, but even if you haven't you can still use it! You will need an advent wreath, candles, something to light said candles, and a bible.
My hope is that it helps you connect with your family this Christmas season. Check back often to see if I make it beyond week one and into the other three! Feel free to print this to have available and to share with friends!
The scripture is from the ESV, I'm sure when it's all said and done I will have a ton of legal mumbo jumbo to go along with this little project.

Literary Book Gifts

I was recently approached by the owner of the website to see if I would be interested in sharing my thoughts on her products. Since I love books, I thought that I'd take a look at her site. Turns out there was plenty of things there that I thought that you might be interested in seeing too.

Literary Book Gifts designs are created by Melissa the owner. When asked about where the images come from she told me "Some are remastered off of old book covers, and some are based off of antique illustrations that do or don't have any inherent connection to the novel."

Looking through her site, I'm reminded of something my brother once told me in reference to farmer's markets, "If a stall only has one or two items, you can pretty much know that they grew them themselves." Literary Book Gifts is not an extension of the big sites that sell hundreds of copy paste items. This is an artist who is offering her art for your appreciation.


What Are You Building?

This week's story is a sermon on Mark 13: 1-8. Where we're encouraged to take a look at what we're building up here on earth and to tear down any obstacles that might be in the way of doing what we're supposed to.

If you'd like a copy of the manuscript, just send me an email at hohablog @

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