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Tasty Tuesday: Pulled Beef Sammiches

 I’ve been using this recipe for beef sandwiches for a while now. It’s easy and delicious. We generally do not dip, just deli buns, beef, provolone cheese tossed under the broiler for a bit. 

This last week, I forgot to buy the French onion soup mix so here’s what I did instead. I lined the crockpot (if you aren’t using liners, go get some (aff links incoming)), put in a whole frozen beef English roast fat cap up, sprinkled with salt and pepper, added 4 cups of water, added two teaspoons each of Better than Bouillon beef and onion. Put it on low for 8-10 hours, occasionally stopping by and stirring the liquid and spooning it on top of the meat. When you’re ready to eat, pull the roast out put it on a sheet pan with a rim and use two forks to shred the meat, removing fat and anything tough looking. Put the meat back into the liquid. The turn on your broiler, make the sammich but putting in the meat, some cheese on top and then under the broiler until they’re all melty. You can serve the juice on the side or not. Either way, it’s delicious. I hope you enjoy!


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I celebrated my birthday last weekend. It was wonderful and the leftovers left me with a question or two. Find out what they are and how I'm currently answering them in this week's podcast. Stories from the Kitchen Season 2, Episode 2: Taste and See Notes from the episode: Taste and See by Margaret Feinberg Dad’s New York Cheesecake (from the back of a Philidelphia Cream Cheese package) 1 ⅞ cups graham cracker crumbs ¼ to ½ cup butter, melted 1 cup sugar, divided 2 lbs cream cheese (4 packs) 2 large eggs (lightly beaten) 1 tsp vanilla 2 tbsp cornstarch 1 cup sour cream Preheat oven to 450F Mix well graham crackers, 2 tbsp sugar, and enough butter that the mixture holds together. Reserve 2 tbsp for garnish. Press mixture onto bottom and sides of a greased 9-inch springform pan. Chill in the freezer while preparing the filling. Mix cream cheese and sugar until smooth and light. Beat in eggs, vanilla, and cornstarch until just blended. S

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  Have you ever wanted to be a better friend or been stumped by how to make your friendships more meaningful? If so, you might want to pick up a copy of Together is a Beautiful Place. Hurley does an excellent job of sharing ways to connect with people that you know and how to easily take your relationships from surface level to deep and meaningful parts of your life. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Hurley incorporates surveys and other data to give insight into relationship building. She shares that it takes 90 hours of social interaction to consider someone a friend. When you’re only seeing each other in passing, it will take much longer than when you carve out time to specifically be with people.  Overall, Together is a Beautiful Place is an encouraging and helpful read. Exactly what I needed as I continue to make friends in life.  I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for the purpose of review. I’m never required to say nice things about books but I’m always