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Winter Break!!

So here we are in November already and Hannah and I have just started our long winter's break.  I think it was totally worth having school during the summer all things considered.  We haven't had school at all this week, instead we've done projects and read books and watched shows together or played the Wii.  It's been very good for me. I love how God knows things in advance and puts the answers to prayers in place long before we ever know our need.  I'm constantly preparing for the fact that we are hosting an open house for our church family and keeping mental notes and sending out invites and evites.  It's been one of those things that if I had to repair my home from two months of active Lyme disease dysfunction, teach class, prepare our home and hearts for guests, and breath, something would have given in a big ugly temper tantrum kind of way.  But alas, we don't have school to teach and be concerned about whether or not Hannah will ever learn how to re

No Lie, Lyme Disease

Did I tell you this already?  Last Wednesday, I went to the doctor's they let me know that I was right smack dab in the midst of a bout of Lyme disease.  Supposedly, I'll be all better after three weeks of antibiotics.  We'll just see about that.  Wow, I just forgot that I was writing to you! Sorry I got side tracked and needed to make an appointment and then I went to go sit and enjoy my coffee and I think it was the coldness of it that reminded me of what I was doing when it was warm. Turns out lack of focus and reduced short term memory are both symptoms of Lyme disease and I have them both in spades.  Poor family and poor house have definitely been suffering along with me.  Anyway, thought I would drop in and let you know the current prognosis.  I'm going to go finish my cold coffee :D

Dining with Joy by Rachel Hauck

Dining with Joy is the story of a cooking show host who doesn’t know how to cook. But it is also the story of how a lie can infiltrate your life and blind you to the truth that God desires to show you. Joy is a delightful character that is immediately liked. She is a cooking show host, however, she has no idea how to cook. In the entertainment world, she has an enemy in Wenda Divine who repeatedly challenges Joy to cook offs in public, which would expose Joy’s real abilities in the kitchen. In one of these cook offs, a young chef, Luke, comes to her rescue. And from their interaction, Luke is hired onto their show and Joy’s world becomes even more complicated by hiding the lie from this man that she recognizes that she needs, but allow herself to be honest with because of the trap she has created. Through many twists and turns, Joy begins to rely on God instead of the lie that she has created of her life and she discovers that what God desires for her is far better than what she