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Stories From the Kitchen: When the To-Dos Are To-Done

We've been marking some things off our big to-do lists and it's kind of put me in a mid-life crisis mindset. No answers just sharing where I am at the moment.  Stories from the Kitchen Season 2, Episode 3 When the To-Dos Are To-Done

Summer Already?

It's been a long late winter-spring this year. In addition to the weather staying cool for some time, we were dealing with stay at home orders from March to June with a few weeks of personal isolation due to Covid exposure prior to the state orders. I think it was an exceptionally weird time because right at the beginning of all the news stories talking about this new virus, we had a positive pregnancy test. I had some light bleeding around week 6 but everything seemed fine. When I went in for the 12-week ultrasound there was no baby to be found. We must have miscarried at week 6, but I was measuring normal at week 10, which turns out was because of fibroids. When I talked to the doctor over the phone about family history, we agreed that I should get a biopsy but haven't been able to because of restrictions on office visits. Talk about a crazy few months.  The weather finally decided to turn warm in Michigan, the governor stopped telling us to stay inside, and now it's star