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Essentialism by Greg McKeown

 Susan May Warren suggested Esentialism  (Amazon affliate link) in one of her recent newsletters. It was available as an audiobook from Libby and my local library so I took a listen at 1.25 -2 speed because Brits just talk so slow sometimes. First, it’s a well thought out book, plenty of examples and stories to ponder. There are some overarching questions that have been plaguing humanity for quite some time and they basically boil down to what is my purpose and how do I express it in community. McKeown works through how to get answers to those questions. At the end of the book, my lasting thought was he’s encouraging the Oregon Trail victory life. You take your time, pick your path well, take only the necessities, plan on things taking longer than expected, and watch out for dysentery. I also told my friend it’s like minimalism for your worklife. And I do mean worklife. Even though many of the ideas shared in McKeown’s book can bleed into your personal life, these principles apply to y

Is Conflict Good?

  This summer, early this summer, we went on a little adventure. We were just starting Joel’s sabbatical and outdoor space was the focus and I wanted to finally experience the peonies in Ann Arbor. I had done some research but it turns out just not quite enough. We put the address into a gps app and the entrance was closed and buried under construction sending us into a rerouting loop that almost caused us to leave before even getting there. A new entrance address found and inputted brought us down a street with a mix of sketchy free, paid, and permit only parking. We parked in a sketchy free area and headed in. I thought Monday at 11 would be a pretty quiet time to go, there were easily several hundred people coming and going. Once the peonies are in sight, Joel realizes he left his phone in the car, he turns back. Leaving me with my big girl camera and our less than impressed daughter. I start snapping photos of unexpectedly happy flowers. Joel finds us and he’s done, the sketch fact