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Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful that God continues to speak to us, me in particular. I know that it's hard sometimes to stop and actually listen, but I am beyond blessed when I hear God calling to me and when I agree to follow His lead. I've been seeing a lot of blessings because of obedience lately. More than I thought possible. I'm thankful for my amazing, hard working husband. He's been helping out with VBS this week and doing a fantastic job. He's been playing the part of Paul. And since the theme is Paul's Dangerous Journey, he's been putting in a lot of extra hours. I'm thankful for my sweet little girl. She's coming to the age, when she reads books and then wants to know more information about the stories inside and referenced. It's quite amazing to see that develop. We just read a book called Giants and Ice which is a modern fairy tale. In the story was reference to the Snow Queen and the White Snake. She was able to check out a book about the Sn

Walk the Blue Ridge

See that book cover? That's MY book cover! And you can get your very own copy! It took five years to get from writing to completed, and I'm elated that it's finally done! Now, it's your turn to go over to Amazon and get your own copy! You can get a paperback copy here  for just six dollars Or a kindle version here  for three bucks! Once you're done reading it, let me know what you think of it!