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Loving Disagreement by Kathy Khang and Matt Mikalatos


If you're human, which I'm assuming you are if you found your way here, there will come a moment in your life when you're right and they're wrong and you're going to have to not win because the relationship is more important than your rightness It might be over where to go to dinner, which type of coat to wear for the weather, what ever it may be, you're going to find yourself there. Khang and Mikalatos have got together and written Loving Disagreement for that exact moment, especially if that exact moment isn't occurring with a loved one but with someone you encountered on the internet or maybe the break room at work, the where and who don't really matter because we can be loving towards anyone, even when we're not in relationship with the offending person.

The book uses the concept of the fruit of the spirit to go through different ways to handle conflict. Khang and Mikalatos take turns writing the meat of each section but there's a quite enjoyable back and forth between them, as if we were given a glimpse into their emails or a comment thread on a post. The best part of this book is that they don't always agree but they always find common ground, which is what this book is encouraging us all to do. I'm not sure if the real teaching moments are in the longer expostiions or just the conversation itself. 

It was quite enjoyable to be exposed to both of their backgrounds and how those informative years shaped them and their desire to love others. I'd definitely recommend it and it's not just because Mikalatos is one of my favorite theologians of all time, it's because I think it will challenge you and encourage you in your interactions not just online but in person. To see people as lovable and seek ways to love them, even when we don't agree is a tremendous desire and this book is a helpful tool in that journey.

I received this ebook from Tyndale for the purpose of review. I'm never required to say good things about the books I review but I'm always thankful when I can.


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