Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

Thursday again already!  What a fast week this has been.  Time for another pondering on what exactly it that I am thankful for....

1.  My daughter and her willingness to let me be her teacher.  She may not want to learn everything I want to teach her, but she is willing to listen and try most of my ideas.

2.  My great husband, who goes to work and provides for our home and our needs

3.  Water, specifically clean water and hot water.  It lets me wash my clothes, dishes, and ourselves.  It also provides great cups of coffee!

4.  Fulfilling work.  I love the things that I have to fill my time here in this time and place, lots of crafts, teaching, resting, reading.  It's good stuff.

5.  How God is using my gift of teaching, I was realizing yesterday that not only has He allowed me to teach in our home, but also at our church, I teach a Sunday school class, and sit on a couple of different committees that help guide the education of the church, which is just awesome!

What are you thankful for?

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