Monday, March 8, 2010

Project 52:Date Night

Date 2

I am officially in charge of date night this month.  And to kick us off in style, I bought a new game, In A Pickle.  Once we figured it out, it was great.  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what stations a TV picks up in a submarine.  Here's a glimpse into our game
We played the story version, so in this card the story goes: There is fat in a neck in a balloon in a frying pan in paradise which is in an email

And this one went: There's a foot in a monkey in a jacuzzi in a shower in a supermarket in a jam, because come on if you have a monkey with a foot in it, that's some kind of jam your in!
The play is pretty easy to play and up for a lot of interpretation.  And I'm planning on frying up some neck fat for Joel this weekend :-D

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