Monday, March 1, 2010

Tithing: Test Me In This by Douglas Leblanc

Tithing: Test Me In This is a collection of interviews of people who tithe and the effects that it has had on their lives.   All of the interviews are well written and the reader gets to know the various subjects of the book quite well, but overall, the book falls short of actually broadening ones understanding of tithing.
Most of the people interviewed are in para-church organizations as opposed to the traditional church.  Which makes it difficult for them to not only discuss the benefits of tithing within a community setting, but it also puts them in a position that some are giving away more money than the average church attendee makes in a year.  This is not to say that their information is not useful, it is to say that I wish there had been more average people interviewed and fewer people who’s names or books I recognized.
As a lay person in the church, this book might be nice to check out and peruse from the church library.  As a church professional, don’t waste your book allowance.  And I really hate to say that because Leblanc obviously put a lot of time, effort and thought into this collection.  But it just did not expand my understanding of tithing the way I had hoped.

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