Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staycation Summer 2010: Peaches and Cabela's

Yesterday morning, we went to the Tuesday Bee and canned an entire basket of peaches.  It was hot work, and I hope no one gets botulism from our efforts. 

After we were done, Granma, Hannah and I loaded into the car and headed to Cabela's

There are some really big bears out front.

Hannah's favorite part were the live fish in a stream that ran through the store

But then there were so many stuffed animals, it's hard not to like the live ones

Hannah cheesin' with some wolves.

We ended up not getting a single thing, but it was worth the trip just to see everything that's not for sale and some of the things that are.

We finished out our staycation day with a homemade dinner and books from the library.

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