Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The following post was created by Hannah as dictated to me this morning.  The drawing is her original creation. 

Castles are very special and kings and queens and princesses live there. The king and queen wear crowns. 
They don't have thumbs.  Castles are very pretty.
They have beautiful gardens.  In Rapunzel, the prince said "Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair" And her castle in the movie was just a straight castle. They have bridges so people can cross the water. And they don't know God. In their gardens they have pretty flowers. They have tiger lilies and roses and more tiger lilies. The princes are charming and beautiful because they have shiny clothes on which is called armor.  And the princesses bed was beautiful and also in Rapunzel a dragon guarded her tower.  They had an apple tree with tons of apples. 

The End

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