Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recovering, Slowly

I can't say that the bug has completely gone away.  I'm still wanting deep within me.  Today I added these to my wish list.

YAKTRAX Pro Shoe Crampon
I guess that even my old pair of sneakers aren't enough incentive to get me off the computer and moving my body.  I need to spend money on ice traction thingys to make it happen.  I have my suspicions that even if I spent the thirty bucks on them, I wouldn't go walking very much in this cold weather.  I'm a weeny.

I did, however, buy this

Intimate Issues: Twenty-One Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex

You see, my friend, Sarah, over at The Craig Life has a friend, Becky, who is hosting a book group at her blog The Kiser Family.  And this is the book the first one for the book group.  You can check out her post about Intimate Issues by clicking here.  Is that enough links for one day?  I'm going to go do some reading.  I'm really enjoying Intimate Issues and thankful that I downloaded it onto my Kindle app, because then I don't have to answer questions about it when I'm with a group of people at church :D

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