Monday, June 11, 2012

Re-reading Dandelion Wine

Ray Bradbury died this past week. He happens to be the author of one of my all time favorite books, Dandelion Wine. I probably first read it in the 7th grade and was just intrigued by most everything that happens in the book. I remember that a passage showed up in my AP English exam in high school. One of my favorite scenes no less.

So when I read that Ray Bradbury died, I went out and got Dandelion Wine from the library. The joy of this book is that even though it's about 12 year old boy, it has so much truth in it about how to enjoy life. Things that didn't mean much to me as a child have significance now. It is a wonderful book to dive into, especially as the summer months pretend that they will last forever.

I have never read any of his other works, because I'm not a fan of science fiction, which is why I feel like this book is so amazing, it's not in that genre at all.

What are you reading lately?

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