Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Sangria Punch

About two years ago, we went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday one night and we were treated to drinks by a gentleman at another table. It was quite an interesting story, but anyway, I ordered a sangria. I had one before when I was in college and the Spanish professor brought a jug of it to a party. It was intensely red wine flavored, but good. The free one that I had on the evening I mentioned was awesome, I wanted more than one and I don't really drink.

I eventually craved it so much that I looked for a recipe. There are a lot of alcoholic choices out there. I happened to find this one from Kraft called Sangria Punch.

When I made it, I used 100% cranberry juice and store brand pink lemonade mix (sorry Kraft, cash in my pocket is important). It was super tasty, even Hannah enjoyed it. Didn't seem to be missing anything.

What tasty treats have you had recently?

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