Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mom and Daughter Cooking Show Season 1 Episode 8 Tea Sandwiches

Spring seems like the perfect time to share some tea with friends! We made four simple sandwiches to make it into a special occasion.

If you can't view the video, you can access it through this link

Tuna Salad

canned tuna
chopped celery

Mix season to taste

Chicken Salad

Canned or chopped leftover chicken
pineapple tidbits with some juice
chopped green onion

mix mayonnaise and juice to make a thick dressing. Add other ingredients.

Pimento cheese

I use this recipe adapted from Cook's Country.

cups cheddar cheese , grated
cup drained jarred pimentos , chopped fine
2 ounces cream cheese , softened
½ teaspoon dry mustard
2 tablespoon mayonnaise

Mix all ingredients until well combined. If you want a nice Scottish type treat, substitute sweet relish for the pimentos.

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