Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thankful Thursday!

Today, I'm super thankful that it's Thursday because that means that I've made it through another week!

I'm thankful for my hard working husband and the fact that he actually took Monday off! I know, minor miracle!

I'm thankful that even though our daughter has been a little under the weather, she is still pleasant to be around and doing all her chores.

I'm thankful for all the ladies that are taking part in the James Bible study this summer! It's been amazing to see who God has brought together.

And this is something just a little silly but true. I'm thankful for my Norwex mop. Seriously! I used to dust mop every week and then wet mop on occasion, a rare occasion actually because it was a process. I had to find the spray bottle, make sure everything was clean and then mop. The fact that the Norwex wet mop just has to be rinsed with clean water and I can throw it in with my other microfiber load means that I'm wet mopping practically every week! So by default, the floors are cleaner. But the floors are so much cleaner that I notice when they get dirty under my feet and so I dry mop a little more often, too. Like I said just a little silly, but I'm thankful for it.

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