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Life with Sam


Have I introduced you to Sam? Samantha joined the crew last February. We had been looking for a puppy. Hannah wanted a dog, I was okay getting a puppy so it could grow up with the cats and we’d potentially have a happy fur crew. Puppies were hard to come by in the thick of the pandemic. One sunny February day, we decided to see if we could get a look at a set of puppies at the Humane society. By the time we were able to enter (only one adopter set allowed at a time), it was too late, they were all adopted. We decided to take a look at the dogs since we were there. Samantha was there in all her long haired glory. Joel says now the moment he saw her he knew she was our dog. 

They brought her to a room for us to visit with her. She jumped on all of us. She was decidedly not a puppy in size. Joel said we’d take her, I almost objected. 

Sam was heart worm positive.  Which meant in addition to integrating into our home, getting to know two cats, seeing if she could make friends with the neighbor dog, she had a pill regimen and couldn’t be outside without being on leash and couldn’t go for walks. 

We decided to keep her in a crate. The first week went by no problems. As she began to get better with treatment she began to protest. And by protest I mean she is not a barker, doesn’t make peep most of the time but she would go in her crate and bark for hours. It was exhausting. I was not a fan. 

She eventually got the all clear and was able to return to regular dog activities like, wandering around the yard by herself, chase cats without fear of her dying, and running up and down the fence line barking at the neighbor dog (they didn’t make friends). 

We started walking together and even though she’s well, I don’t know that she’ll ever be a five mile a day dog. She’s good with a mile, which I’m also good with. 

She doesn’t hate the cats, most of the time they ignore each other but occasionally she will growl them up the stairs. She has been upstairs once, it was terrible for all of us, she hasn’t done it since. 

She likes peanut butter kongs and crunchy treats every evening. Life is pretty good. She’s Joel’s dog. Even though I walk, water, clean up after, hang out with her the most, he is her favorite. I can’t be upset by that because he’s my favorite, too.


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