Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A day's difference

Yesterday remained at a turtle pace.  It was not pleasant.  I trudged through the lessons for the day and got a whole bunch of "I hate you"s as well as scowling and huffs.  Not so much excitement and pleasantness. 
I was ready to throw in the towel yesterday.  Thoughts of private tutors and a functioning illiterate adult danced through my head.  I just knew that I had wasted money on buying another book about learning to read.  I went to bed frustrated and woke up begging Joel to tell me it was okay to take the day off.  He didn't so I felt that I should probably do it all again.
Today, was different.  Hannah had remembered some of the terrible things I introduced to her yesterday, willingly wrote on the board, and took in new information.
I could see where things are going to go, and I am now willing to walk the road.  She was so much more receptive and I was better at expressing myself. 
Hannah said that she was so upset yesterday because it was something new.  I'm glad now that we pulled through the first day to get to the other days.  I'm better for it.

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