Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can't Wait!!!

My daughter has exceptionally long and tangleriffic hair.  We constantly complain about the need to brush it and the pain involved in removing the tangles that pretty much show back up as soon as she moves her head.  We've been using Paul Mitchell's Lite Detangler with pretty good results.  She gets fewer tangles when we use and we use it every time we brush.  But there was still moments of complaining.  Yesterday, I hoped over to Amazon and looked at their recommendations for me and saw this

Remington Tangle Tamer

It is called Tangle Tamer.  I was suspicious, but then I looked at the reviews, there were 36 of them starting from a few years ago to within hours of me buying it.  Every single review was five stars.  No fours, no threes, no twos, not even a single one.  I had to have it.  And for 10 bucks, that's the cost of one bottle of detangler!  It should be here tomorrow, I'll let you know if I love it by being extra thankful for it on Thursday!

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