Friday, September 14, 2012

BHAG 2012

So my big hairy audacious goal for 2012 was to buy a pair of running shoes and to wear them out.

Remember these from January?

Just look at these pristine treads!

So pretty and new. They helped me get started with running. They have been to Atlanta, South Carolina, Kentucky, even logged some miles in Hawaii and Washington! But alas, they are busted.

Not so pretty looking now are they?

The green has worn off in some places.

But I will admit according to my previous standards, these shoes have a lot of wear left in them. But I will show you how I can tell they are worn out.

That's my shin. It has told me to get a new pair or give up any hope of running this fall. So my Asics are officially retired, worn out, busted. I got a new pair of shoes last night and took them for a run this morning. I didn't feel guilty in the least bit. In fact, my shin thanked me with every step.

Did you have any BHAG's? How are they going?

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