Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Baked Fried Chicken

Have you seen the KFC commercial where the guys are hanging out, talking about how good the chicken is and then one guy starts freaking out, yelling "I ATE THE BONES! I ATE THE BONES!"?

Go ahead and watch it if you haven't already

I share that because this last week, Hannah wanted me to make some boneless chicken with crust like that. I remembered something that I had pinned and made before. It was easy, skinless, boneless and tasty.

The recipe is from Our Life Uncommon. You can find the link to it here. It was a great success. In the middle of dinner I started screaming "I ATE THE BONES!"

My only advice would be to not cook it for the whole forty minutes. If doing tenders, 30 maybe sufficient. Flipping is critical, regardless of how long you cook them. I think I might try it with flax meal instead of flour for a super low carb dish next time, but I don't feel too bad about the little bit of flour that is on this. Hope you enjoy!

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