Thursday, February 13, 2014

MaD Cooking Show S1E4 Chocolate Truffles

I think that I first heard about someone making their own chocolates when I was in seminary. If I remember correctly, Ellis Nelson made his own chocolates. I was intrigued. My mom used to make mounds and potato candy, but truffles, well those were fancy, a little out of my reach, until I tried them.
Turns out, chocolate truffles are pretty easy and it's not difficult to keep the ingredients on hand. Though they aren't as easy as somethings, it's not an overly complicated process, you just need a microwave and a freezer and you're well on your way to having homemade truffles.

The recipe that we used today is from Betty Crocker. You can find the link here.

Here's our video, if you have any problems with viewing it, you can access it directly on Youtube by clicking here.

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