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Last fall, I ordered several seed packets that needed to be planted in the fall so they could experience winter. Sometimes people will start them in the fridge in the spring to simulate the cold. I figured I’d just plant and be done. 

Spring was much colder than normal, even summer has has a few hot days but overall, it’s been cool. I have no idea if that’s why I haven’t seen any of the seeds I planted turn into flowers. If I currently had to guess, I’d assume the whole bunch didn’t make it. I planted Shasta daisies and black eyed Susan, bee balm (maybe?), and there were some zinnias in the area last year. 

So far the only thing that’s resembled a flower are these miniature daisies that I’m pretty certain are wild considering there’s some in areas I definitely didn’t plant in. 

You just never know with seeds. I’ll keep an eye on the space but I’m not thinking it’s going to happen this year. I’ll get more seeds and plant them, because you just never know. 

I’m trying to do a lot of seed planting in my life as well. Seeing what grows, what doesn’t. The nice thing is that it’s okay to be generous with curiosity about who you are and what causes you to grow. Our potential doesn’t fade with age, in some ways maybe it increases because we can take more risks and give fewer flying flips about what others think of us. Something to ponder on for sure.


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